Dry Carpet Cleaning – The Better Choice!

Dry carpet cleaning is a cleaner and dryer carpet cleaning alternative.

Dry carpet cleaning provides the same clean look and the fresh smell of traditional carpet steam cleaning; but unlike carpet steam cleaning, dry carpet cleaning will clean and refresh your carpet without the time of waiting for your carpet to dry.

Traditional carpet steam cleaning involves applying a mixture of hot water and carpet cleaning solutions to remove embedded dirt, oils and stains from the carpet. The mixture of hot water and carpet cleaning solution is then suctioned up from the carpet, leaving it moist. Because carpet steam cleaning involves saturating the entire surface of the carpet with a hot water and carpet cleaning solution mixture, you generally have to wait a specified amount of time before walking on the wet carpet and waiting for them to dry. With dry carpet cleaning, you do not have to go through this long process in order to clean your carpets.

Dry carpet cleaning works in much the same way as the dry cleaning you receive for your clothing. Instead of using water, like traditional carpet steam cleaning, special chemicals are applied to your carpet to remove stains. The dry carpet cleaning process introduces a moistened granular cleaner to your carpet in order to remove any embedded dirt and grime.

Once the moistened granules have been applied to your carpet, they break down the dirt and grime within your carpet into a form that can be easily vacuumed away with specialized carpet dry cleaning equipment. The fact that the granules are moistened and not wet, makes your carpet ready to use right after the process is completed.

Unlike dry carpet cleaning, traditional carpet steam cleaning can possibly leave your carpet with a dingy appearance over time. This effect is due to the water that is used during traditional carpet steam cleaning. Dry carpet cleaning will not leave your carpet with a dingy appearance. The process of dry carpet cleaning your carpet will leave your carpet dry as well as dirt and stain free. In addition, the cleaning effects of dry carpet cleaning will last much longer than those of traditional carpet steam cleaning.
Whether you live in a house or an apartment, you can get dry carpet cleaning services for your home.

If you are renting an apartment, dry carpet cleaning has a lower risk of water damaging the subflooring as opposed to the carpet steam cleaning process.

In addition, having a dry carpet cleaning performed on your carpets will virtually eliminate any health hazards associated with traditional carpet steam cleaning.

With traditional carpet steam cleaning, you run the risk of having mold and mildew form on or beneath your carpet if the process is not done correctly. One disadvantage of the dry carpet cleaning process is that is more expensive than traditional carpet steam cleaning. However, the cost of having your carpet dry cleaned is well worth it. If you want to enjoy a great looking carpet in your home, having dry carpet cleaning performed on your carpet is worth considering.

Dry carpet cleaning services are increasingly becoming in higher demand as more and more professional cleaning services are offering this carpet cleaning technique. If you are looking for a company that offers dry carpet cleaning services, start looking in your local phone book. You can also search on the internet for dry carpet cleaning services.