At the point when you contract High power cleaner, you’re enlisting an expert. One of the characteristics of high power House keeper’s expert cleaning administration is that we clean your home in view of a strategy. A procedure that takes on cleaning in an efficient, sorted out way (while having the adaptability to fuse your custom wishes).

House keeping Agenda

Download our printable house keeping agenda.

Astonished we’d share our insider facts? We love to clean and love to prepare. What’s more, we realize our clients love our administration. Additionally, sharing is acceptable. Utilize our house keeping agenda to clean your home productively and altogether:

Before you begin going space to room, stop first to put on some extraordinary, enthusiastic music. That is better. Presently get mess, and as you go, don’t hesitate to re-think your possessions. The less you have, the less you need to taken care of, clean, and residue: examine books, magazines, papers, DVDs, furniture, toys the children have outgrown, old PCs you’ve outgrown, old garments and shoes in the storage rooms… is it an opportunity to give and reuse? Mood killer lights and roof fans as you go for the up and coming tidying work.

Talking about wardrobes, on the off chance that you have any that you’re hesitant to open, face your feelings of trepidation it’s a great opportunity to limit and sort out.

Residue (go left to right, start to finish) with microfiber materials. This will bring down allergens and improve the air quality in your home. Hosed fabrics attached to the parts of the bargains floor brushes work extraordinary for expelling spider webs. For slatted blinds, utilize the string to close them one way and residue, at that point close them the other way and rehash… it’s powerful and significantly more effective than attempting to do each brace in turn. Remember to hit the highest points of entryways, fans, light installations, picture edges and indeed, each of your knickknacks (keep them in show cases to diminish cleaning work). For the essence of encircled photographs, television screens, and PC screens, use glass cleaner on your cotton material or microfiber to abstain from streaking.

Vacuum. Ensure your sack/compartment isn’t as of now full, and utilize the correct settings and connections. Hit the floors in the entire house, and upholstered furniture. Be flabbergasted at every one of those missing things (socks, your preferred pen) that you find under your lounge chair pads.

Clear/mop/treat floors (with the exception of kitchen). For cleaning, start at the most remote corner of the room and move back toward the passageway. Flush mop in the wake of finishing every 4 x 4 foot region.

Furniture renewing. Sometimes, some wooden furniture needs a decent waxing.


Wipe down ledges and cupboards (start at quick right of the stove).

Clean face of apparatuses (fridge, microwave, dishwasher).

Wipe down stovetop.

Clean within microwave.

Drench stove trickle skillet and handles in sink.

Clean inside and around sink.

Clear and mop floor (go light on cleaning item in the water to maintain a strategic distance from develop).

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Washroom CLEANING Agenda

Evacuate floor coverings/wastebaskets (in the event that you haven’t as of now while vacuuming prior).

Expel everything from tub/shower.

Spot shower tangle in tub/shower.

Wet tub/give dividers warm water.

Apply tile and grout cleaner, permit to sit.

Splash/clean everything with generally useful cleaner aside from can, vanity, shower/tub, reflect.

Fill basin with ¼ cup generally useful cleaner and water to prepare for floor cleaning.

Remain on shower tangle and clean tub/shower dividers and entryway (use grout brush in the middle of tiles varying).

Apply tile and grout cleaner to tub/shower floor and scour.

Clean shower rack/cleanser dishes.

Clean shower track.

Wash off dividers of tub/shower and dry with material.

Vanity: shower tile and grout cleaner in sink, cleanser dish.

Shower ledge with universally handy more clean.

Clean sink.

Use grout brush along fixture and channel.

Wash the sink and your cloth.

Wipe the vanity ledge.

Wipe down bureau fronts.

Clean mirror: splash glass cleaner on delicate fabric and buff.

Sparkle the spigots.

Wash the floor with arrangement in the pail and permit to dry.

Supplant carpets, shower tangle and wastebaskets.

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Room CLEANING Agenda

In the event that you’ve just expelled mess, cleaned, and vacuumed the house and cleaned your wardrobes, your rooms will be essentially done. To wrap up, essentially:

Return any furnishings (seats, diaper containers, and so on.) that you put up to vacuum before.

Make bed.


Exceptional ventures: Compose your sock cabinet? Overlay clothing and put in dresser? Put a mint on your pad?

More room cleaning tips.


Utilize a without streak glass cleaner (don’t splash on something over the top) and wipe with papers.

Clean huge and difficult to-arrive at windows with an expert quality squeegee.

Clean window screens by expelling from edge and scouring with generally useful cleaner blended in with warm water. Clean each screen with a fiber brush, wash with open air hose and supplement again into window to dry.

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